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What are the Characteristics of Princess Cut Wedding Band?

A princess cut wedding band is a fancy square diamond designed from the inverted pyramid of the diamond. Princess wedding bands are available in brilliant shapes and sizes which make them the perfect wedding and engagement rings. The band features diamonds all around stretching across the top of your finger.

Thinking of buying a wedding band but not sure? Here we are going to discuss all the basic features and characteristics of this unique wedding band to help you make the right decision. After all, weddings are the most special times of our lives. 

Why Are Princess Cut Diamonds Popular?

The princess cut diamonds were developed in the early 1960s. It consists of extra facets and a square-shaped diamond that looks brilliant. As a result of cutting efficiency, the princess gets its sparkle and straight lines. It is the best option for women who are looking for something new and unique for their wedding.

Key Features of a Princess Cut Wedding Band

  • Square shaped diamonds with optimal light performance
  • Contains various chevron patterns
  • Large face-up surface area
  • Resilient to chipping

Why Choose a Princess Cut Wedding Band?

A princess cut wedding band is a popular choice for engagement rings in Melbourne. They are less expensive compared to round diamond rings as they possess an octahedral shape. The diamond rough is cut in half which minimises the waste. If you’re looking for a diamond ring, then you will see a great price difference between the princess cut wedding bands and other types of diamond rings. The princess diamonds will cost you up to 25 to 40% lesser than round shape diamonds.

The wedding band creates a bold and stylish statement. You can explore a variety of ring designs. The fancy princess cut diamond offers way too many variations than standard round diamonds. The ring facets hide blemishes and do not accentuate colour tinting.

Style Options for Princess Cut Wedding Bands

Weddings and anniversaries are special for a couple. You’re busy with your wedding arrangements but one of the most important tasks is to get the right wedding band.

A wedding symbolises the love and bond you share with your fiancé. A princess cut wedding band will help you express your feelings and show your commitment to your partner. It is classy and truly unique. Such wedding bands are crafted with great attention to styling and designs. They are versatile, you can explore unlimited options that match your taste.

Don’t wait anymore. It’s time to take charge and find THE perfect wedding band for your beloved.

Looking for a Particular Princess Cut Wedding Band for your Fiancé?

The Diamond Guys can help. We have been in the jewellery manufacturing and exporting business for over 60 years. We have a team of talented craftsmen who are all about designing exclusive ring patterns. Whatever your styling requirement is, we are sure you will find the very best wedding and engagement rings on our platform.

Call on (03) 9526 8421 to know more about our services and custom ring designs.

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