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Round Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

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A classic cut for exceptional brilliance

Round brilliant cut engagement rings are the original diamond cut. The conical shape of this style uses 58 individual facets to make the most of light entering the stone. The unique light paths created by these facets lead to exceptional brilliance and shine.

At The Diamond Guys, we source the best diamonds from around the world. Our network of international jewellers and craftsmen can create wonderful arrangements of round brilliant cut rings, ranging from classic four claw arrangements to halo engagement rings.

Looking for a personalised design? We work with our clients to create custom round brilliant cut engagement rings. Send us something that inspires you, and we’ll help you create the perfect unique ring.

If you think that a round brilliant cut engagement ring fits the bill, we can make other additions at your request. You can choose the metal, the shape, and the type of array—anything you want to make your ring unique. We can also repurpose existing pieces of jewellery as an entirely new piece.

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The round cut diamond is the most popular cut option for engagement rings. When people think of love, engagement and weddings, the round diamond is the first thing that comes to mind.

Featuring 58 angular facets, the round diamond is known for its brilliance. Facets are the surfaces of a diamond that could be polished to refract and bounce light off of the bottom of the stone all the way to the top, giving it an unrivalled brightness and sparkle.

At The Diamond Guys, we take pride in offering an expansive collection of round diamond engagement rings for sale online. Browse through our exciting collection to take your pick. Whether you are looking for yellow gold, white gold or rose gold, you are sure to find the perfect ring from our round cut collection.

Why Choose Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Rings?

The Brilliant cut round diamond is one style that’s always in demand and never goes out of style. The sparkle and elegance of a round brilliant cut ring is unmatched and truly spectacular.

About three in every four diamond rings sold are round cut diamond rings. That’s how popular they are and for good reason. Owing to the mechanics of their shape, round diamonds are far more superior compared to fancy diamond shapes, at reflecting light, thereby maximising the potential brightness.

In fact, round diamond rings are synonymous with engagements and weddings.

However, round diamond cut rings are more expensive compared to any other type of diamond ring. There are two reasons for that. For one, they are hugely in demand. Second, the amount of wastage during the cutting process is high.

Choosing the Best Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Round diamonds are the only precious stone that receive a cut grade.

When it comes to picking a round diamond ring, the grade of the cut is the most important aspect. For the best sparkle, we highly recommend and only stock very good (VG) or excellent (EX) cut diamond.

The GIA has spent several decades developing and refining a cut grading system for round diamonds, which shows the importance of this shape and its reputation.

A too deep bottom is categorised as a good cut and one with a shallow bottom is a fair cut. An excellent and very good cuts maintain the perfect proportion and maximise the brilliance and sparkle.

When it comes to choosing the colour, anything between G-I are an excellent choice.

For clarity, go for an eye clean diamond. In most round diamonds, you would find VS1 or VS2 with eye clean without having to pay more for a higher clarity. For the most aesthetic cut, opt for a length to width ratio of 1.00 to 1.03.

When customising your round engagement ring, think of the style you’d like for the long term. If you are after a classic look, a solitaire or cathedral setting would be a great choice. For a modern design, a channel set ring would be the perfect option.

Explore our collection to take your pick. For any questions, feel free to contact us at 03 9070 9948.


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