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    About The Diamond Guys

    Diamond experts, so you don’t have to be
    Jewellery without the foolery

    That’s what The Diamond Guys is all about. We know that buying an engagement ring or a wedding rings can be a daunting experience. How will you know if you’ve picked the right one?
    Don’t stress. You’ve already picked the right one. You’re in a committed relationship, and buying a ring is a small piece of the big picture. We founded our business to help:

    • Men and women looking to find the perfect engagement ring.
    • Couples looking for a wedding rings to represent their union.

    Let us take the worry out of jewellery shopping. The only things that should feel pressure are our diamonds, and that happened over 1 billion years ago.

    Get to know The Diamond Guys

    We sell diamonds and jewellery, but we aren’t your standard retailer. The Diamond Guys is part of an international network of miners, cutters and craftsmen, all committed to supplying you with a beautiful engagement ring, and the best value for money.
    We are diamond jewellery merchants who source the best diamonds from all over the world, from agents in South Africa, Russia, Canada and Australia.
    When you buy your dream engagement ring, you are buying closer to the source and enjoying the savings. Our diamonds and rings are always of the highest quality, ensuring that our clients are always satisfied with their purchase.

    About Us

    Custom rings

    At The Diamond Guys, we know that every relationship is beautiful and unique. We specialise in crafting custom engagement rings and wedding bands that celebrate the relationship they represent.

    Whether it’s repurposing a family heirloom, amending an existing design, or starting from scratch, we will work with you, step by step, to create a ring the perfect ring.

    Love. Passion. Celebration. We all speak the same language. When you buy an engagement ring or wedding band from The Diamond Guys, you are buying on your terms.

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    Now open by appointment only, our Little Collins Street location is ready for you. We know engagement ring shopping is a big deal, so take some time out of your busy schedule and sit down with us one-on-one. You could be on your way to a custom engagement ring sooner than you think.

    Our combined 60 years of business experience has provided a deep understanding of every facet of jewellery, from our global connections, to the ring on your hand.

    We are diamond experts, so you don’t have to be.

    - Little Collins Street, CBD

    We would like to welcome you to our location on St Kilda Road, near Albert Park. We offer a personal shopping experience with private appointments – all part of our philosophy for purchasing engagement rings or wedding rings in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

    - St Kilda Road, South Melbourne