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    Searching for that perfect diamond can be a daunting experience. With our help, you’ll be confident in finding that diamond to make your special person light up.

    Below are some frequently asked questions given to us by our clients. If there is something you are unsure of, please feel free to call us, or visit our St Kilda Road boutique for a friendly chat.

    A diamonds monetary value is generally determined by an internationally recognized grading system that was developed in the early 1900’s by the Gemological Institute of America. The system eventually became known as the GIA Grading system.

    Yes, we adhere 100% to the Kimberly Accord passed by the United Nations. We only work with manufacturers and suppliers who also adhere to the UN resolutions known as the Kimberley Accord.

    The benefit of a purchasing a certified stone lies in the knowledge that the purchaser can take assurance that they know what they are buying. A certificate is like an identity card, which proves exactly what the stone is. Besides the personal comfort that a buyer gets with a certificate, it also makes for a much easier process for obtaining insurance and should you ever decide to sell your diamond, or trade up to a different stone, the process is much easier if you have a certificate. The certificate is similar to a stamp or seal that denotes the authenticity of an item. As in art, a signed painting is worth more than an unsigned as there is no question of its origin.

    Yes, we will gladly assist you designing the perfect piece of jewellery. We even offer custom design services. So bring your creativity and let us help you create the piece of jewellery of your dreams.

    GIA stands for the Gemmological Institute of America, AGS Stands for America Gem Society and EGL Stands for European Gemmological Laboratory. Each one of these non for profits organizations offers an extensive array of services for professionals and consumers. Each offers educational programs, grading, appraisal services and ongoing support to the jewellery industry.

    To place a special order, we will need to ensure that we have the details of what you desire and we will need a 25% deposit or more to start production.

    The GIA is generally accepted as being of the laboratories that will apply more stringent criteria when grading stones, whereas the AGS and EGL may not, although the AGS is highly regarded on grading of round diamonds. On the whole however, the GIA is generally accepted as setting the highest standards in diamond grading. At The Diamond Guys we mostly prefer to sell GIA certified diamonds in keeping with our own internal standards of selling the best possible diamonds and jewellery to our clients. You may find that a stone graded by the GIA will be graded lower than that same stone is graded by the EGL, because of the fact that the GIA uses stricter grading measures.

    Yes, feel free to stop during our business hours and we’ll be glad to clean your jewellery. If your jewellery was not purchased from us we provide a complimentary first cleaning service when you visit our store.

    Yes, on purchases over $5,000 we will gladly pay your first years insurance premium through Q Report which is underwritten by Chubb.(Terms and Conditions Apply – Please Enquire)

    If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please bring your item back to us. We will gladly exchange or return an item. (Conditions Apply).

    Yes, We offer interest free finance (Terms and Conditions Apply – Please Enquire)

    While we may prefer to work on appointments to ensure that you receive the best quality service and availability of all merchandise but it is not necessary. So, please feel free to stop in any time during our regular business hours.

    Yes you can, but orders can only be processed with payment of a deposit at time of placing order. Also, special orders may take up to 5 weeks to produce..

    We are open 9AM to 5PM Monday through Friday, evenings and weekends by special appointment.

    If you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason; please come back to our boutique and discuss it with us. We want you to be completely happy with your purchase.

    We are always happy to ship you jewellery for you to view. However we will need a 100% deposit to our bank account should you wish us to send you jewellery to view. Shipping is always by insured courier service Should you decide to make a purchase we will then invoice you separately for purchased items. Your deposit will be fully refunded on eventual return of merchandise. Please note that refunds maybe take up to 14 days to process and show up on your statement.

    Yes. For items purchased through The Diamond Guys we will gladly provide this service free of charge. For items not purchased through The Diamond Guys a service fee would apply depending if it is an in-house estimate or if we send it to an official laboratory for testing.

    If a problem should arise, please call us immediately and we will address the issue. Whether it needs repair or remake. We will stand behind the quality of our product.

    Yes, we will gladly assist you in upgrading to a larger setting. We will also purchase your old jewellery. Please call to stop in and see us. (Conditions Apply)

    Both gold and platinum are precious metals. Gold is more common than platinum and most of our stock items are made in 18KT gold. Platinum is a pure white metal, and many people view it as being the more noble of the 2 metals. It is more expensive, rare and durable than gold. White gold is made from yellow gold, and other alloys which give it its white appearance. It is possible with time that white gold becomes discoloured, and you may need to have your jewellery undergo a process called rhodium plating to reinstate the clean white appearance. This is usually only required every 3 to 5 years.

    Yes, we will provide a credit towards an upgrade. Bring your diamond into our showroom for a free appraisal and we will gladly trade your stone if you agree. (Conditions Apply)

    Your choice of setting should be determined not only by the appearance of your ring but also by your lifestyle. Bezel set (where the stone is set into a continuous frame of metal) is a setting which provides the most protection to the stone. This type of setting is more robust and tends to last better under normal wear and tear circumstances. If for example you enjoy wearing your ring whilst gardening, or partaking in physical activities such as sports, you may want to seriously consider a bezel set over a prong setting. Prong settings are preferred in rings where you wish to show your diamond more prominently. In prong setting the diamond is held up higher in the rings, giving it the appearance of being larger. Prong settings are subject to more wear and tear than bezel settings.