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    Lab Grown Diamond Rings : Where Ethical Meets Incredible

    The classics are called so for a reason, and few things are more classic than a diamond ring. For centuries, this small yet stunning piece of jewellery has been a symbol of love, beauty, unity, and honour. But while traditional diamonds are often sought in ways that we now consider unethical, with a lab-grown diamond ring you still get an exceptional piece of jewellery without it weighing on your conscience.

    At The Diamond Guys, we’ve curated a timeless collection of lab-created diamond rings to suit any need or occasion, no matter how precise. From engagement and wedding rings to eternity rings, our man-made diamond rings will not only impress with their remarkable quality, but most people will struggle to hide their astonishment when you tell them the diamonds were grown in a lab.

    The wonderful thing about lab-made diamonds is that they’re identical in every way—from their chemical to their physical to their optical properties—to earth-mined diamonds, except of course, where they were grown. And we promise that when you first lay eyes on one of our lab-made diamond rings, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

    Man-Made Diamond Rings: Discover the Difference

    We recognise the power a diamond ring can bring to your life. A well-chosen diamond ring helps our personality to sparkle, elevates our style from excellent to exceptional, and connects us to friends and family. Which is why our friendly, expert staff have taken such care in curating a fabulous collection of lab-grown diamond rings, so that regardless of whether you are trying to impress a special someone or renewing an everlasting bond, we’ll have the diamond ring for you.


    What is a lab-grown diamond?

    A lab grown diamond is—as the name suggests—a diamond that was grown in a laboratory. Lab-grown diamonds are grown using carbon, which is the same material that a natural—or mined— diamond is made of. As a result, lab-grown diamonds have identical optical, physical, and chemical properties to natural diamonds. This is clear in the identical sparkle and scintillation they possess.

    How are lab-grown diamonds made?

    Lab-grown diamonds are grown using the same raw material as natural diamonds: carbon. There are two methods for growing lab diamonds: the Chemical Vapour Decomposition method (CVD) and the High Pressure High Temperature method (HPHT). The CVD method uses carbon-rich gas and extreme heat in a vacuum chamber to grow the diamond, while the HPHT method uses extreme pressure and heat in a press machine to grow the diamond.

    Can I tell the difference between a natural diamond and a lab-grown diamond?

    To the naked eye, it is impossible to tell if a diamond is natural or grown in a lab. A jeweller or gemmologist can tell the difference, but only with specialised equipment. A diamond’s grading certificate (a lab report which outlines the quality of a particular diamond) will tell you whether a diamond is natural or lab-grown.

    Are lab-grown diamonds perfect?

    Just as there is no such thing as a perfect natural diamond, there is no such thing as a perfect lab-grown diamond. All diamonds have inclusions (natural imperfections found within a diamond), which form when the diamond is grown. However, because there is a consistent process to growing diamonds in a lab, a lapidarist (someone who cuts diamonds and gemstones) can create better-proportioned diamonds.

    Will a lab-grown diamond test as a real diamond?

    Because lab-grown diamonds are identical to natural diamonds, they will test the same. A diamond’s refractive index (the measure of light passing through a diamond), thermal conductivity (how well a diamond conducts heat), and hardness are all characteristics that determine whether a diamond is real or not.

    Are lab-grown diamonds cheaper than natural diamonds?

    Because it is far cheaper to grow diamonds in a lab than it is to mine them from the Earth, the final price of a lab-grown diamond is much less than a natural diamond. In Australia, the price of a lab-grown diamond is up to 75% cheaper than a natural diamond.

    Why should I choose a lab-grown diamond?

    There are many reasons why you should choose a lab-grown diamond over a natural diamond. Lab-grown diamonds are ethically made (as opposed to natural diamonds, there is no cost to the environmental or human life), identical in make and quality to natural diamonds, and much cheaper than natural diamonds.

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