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    When it comes to a custom-made ring, achieving the perfect fit is paramount. Understanding your finger size and how to determine the correct ring size ensures that your custom piece will be comfortable and secure. In this blog, we will delve into the world of finger sizing, exploring the importance of accurate measurements and providing insights on how to determine your ring size using a ring size chart or other methods. 

    The Significance of Accurate Ring Sizing: 

    Proper ring sizing is crucial for optimal comfort and wearability. A too-loose ring may slip off or become lost, while a too-tight ring can cause discomfort and restrict blood circulation. Accurate sizing ensures that your custom-made ring fits snugly yet comfortably, allowing you to wear it with confidence. 

    Utilizing a Ring Size Chart: 

    A ring size chart is a useful tool for determining your finger size. It typically consists of a series of circles or measurements corresponding to different ring sizes. To use a ring size chart, measure the circumference of your finger using a flexible measuring tape or a piece of string. Compare your measurement to the chart to find the corresponding ring size. It’s important to note that different countries may have varying ring size systems, so be mindful of the specific chart you are using. 

    Seeking Professional Assistance: 

    For greater accuracy, it is advisable to visit a jeweller who can professionally measure your finger size. They may use a specialized ring sizer, a set of metal rings in various sizes that can be slipped onto your finger to determine the ideal fit. A jeweller can also account for finger size variations due to weather, time of day, or medical conditions, ensuring a precise fit for your custom-made ring. 

    Adjustments and Resizing: 

    In some cases, adjustments or resizing of a custom-made ring may be required. It’s important to consult with your jeweller, who can guide you on the best course of action. They may recommend resizing, adding sizing beads, or using sizing inserts to ensure the perfect fit while maintaining the integrity of the design. 

    International ring finger size conversion chart

    Australia & UK US France Japan Germany Internal Diameter
    Circumference (mm)
    A 1/212.2538.48
    B 1112.539.26
    B 1/212.739.89
    C 1/2411313.0841.09
    D 1/24213 1/213.4542.25
    E2 1/243313.743.03
    E 1/213.8743.57
    F 1/214.2844.86
    G3 1/245514 1/214.4845.49
    G 1/2614.6846.11
    H 1/21515.1147.46
    I4 1/247815.2747.97
    I 1/24815 1/215.4848.63
    J 915.749.32
    J 1/254915.8849.88
    K 1/25 1/21016.2451.01
    L511116 1/216.551.83
    L 1/261216.6852.4
    M 1/26 1/2131717.1153.75
    N 1/217.4954.94
    O 1/21817.9256.45
    P7 1/2551518.1256.92
    P 1/218.2957.45
    Q8561618 1/218.5258.18
    Q 1/25718.758.74
    R8 1/21718.8859.31
    R 1/2581919.1160.03
    S 1/219 1/219.561.26
    T 1/21061202019.962.51
    U 1/210 1/2622220.2763.68
    V6320 1/220.564.4
    V 1/211642320.6864.96
    W 1/211 1/26524212165.97
    X 1/26621 1/221.4467.35
    Y 1/26721.8868.73
    Z12 1/26826222269.11
    Z + 1/222.2669.93
    Z + 113692722 1/222.4870.62


    When it comes to a custom-made ring, accurate finger sizing is essential. Whether using a ring size chart or seeking professional assistance, taking the time to determine your correct ring size ensures a comfortable and secure fit for your unique piece. Remember, the expertise of a jeweller is invaluable in achieving the perfect fit and making any necessary adjustments. With careful consideration and attention to detail, you can enjoy your custom-made ring with confidence, knowing that it has been tailored to fit your finger flawlessly. 


    1. How do you properly size your finger for a ring? 

    To properly size your finger for a ring, follow these steps: 

    • Take a length of floss or string and wrap it around the base of your finger. 
    • Mark where the floss or string first overlaps with a pen. 
    • Stretch the length of the string out along a ruler or measuring tape, and take down the length in millimetres. 

    2. How do you work out ring size in Australia? 

    To determine your ring size in Australia, you can use a printable chart. Follow these steps: 

    • Match an existing ring against the circles on the chart. 
    • Place the ring over the circles and align the inside edge of the ring with the circle nearest in size. This measurement refers to the inside diameter of the ring.  

    3. What if the ring doesn’t fit? 

    If the ring doesn’t fit, don’t worry. Most rings can be resized. Here’s what you can do: 

    • Have your finger professionally sized by a jeweller to determine the exact size needed. 
    • Contact us to establish the next steps or receive further instructions for returning your ring. We will assist you in resizing or finding a suitable solution to ensure the perfect fit for your beautiful ring.