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Little tears of joy

Pear shape diamond rings, or tear drop rings, may seem like they are contemporary in design. They actually trace their origins back to Belgium in the late 1400s. Their symmetry and versatility makes them a popular modern ring style, with a unique shape that radiates light like no other diamond cut.

At The Diamond Guys, we source pear shape diamonds ethically from all over the world. Our network of international mines and jewellers are here to offer you some exciting pear shape designs, such as a single halo pear shape engagement rings, or double halo pear shape engagement rings.

Looking for something extra special? Our team can help you create custom pear shape engagement rings. If you’ve found something that inspires you, send it to us, and we’ll help you design something similar to your liking.

When you work with us to create custom pear shape engagement rings, you can choose the metals, stones, and layout of the ring. We can even help you repurpose existing family heirlooms at your request.

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Whether you are looking for rose gold, white gold or yellow gold, this shape goes perfectly with any metal. We also offer customised rings to help you create a unique piece of engagement ring for your big day.

We take great pride in sourcing the perfect diamonds for you and we take the time to handpick the finest pear shaped rings with the perfect ratios for maximum refraction and minimal bow tie effect.

Why Choose Pear Shaped Engagement Rings?

Introduced in the 1400s, the pear shaped diamond is popular even today thanks to its stunning ability to return light and sparkle at the same time.

Also known as the teardrop cut, the pear shaped diamond is as unique as it can get. It is a modified brilliant cut that combines the oval and marquise cuts with a point on the one end and a rounded one on the other. It’s signature silhouette can be recognised instantly and a crowd favourite.

The faceting structure of a pear shape diamond is very similar to that of the brilliant round cut. So it retains the much-loved brilliance and fire that make diamonds sparkle.

The pear shape could be worn in any direction either with the tip pointing downwards or even upwards. This versatility is something you won’t find in any other cut. The shape has a special dynamism that makes a strong style statement.

Double Halo Pear Engagement Ring

Choosing the right ring setting is important when it comes to a pear shaped ring. Solitaire and halo settings usually work best for pear shaped rings. For an even better look, you can opt for double halo pear engagement rings.

A double halo ring features a second halo around the first, to make the centre stone look even bigger and more elegant. Because your promise to marry is a significant milestone, the ring you choose must be equally significant. And there’s nothing better than the beauty and elegance of a double halo ring.

Buy the Best Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

When it comes to pear shape rings, the cut quality is an important aspect to give due consideration. Although pear cuts don’t have an official cut grade, our jewellery specialists highly recommend a length to width ratio of 1.55 to 1.75. This ensures that the diamond isn’t too wide or too slender, maintaining the perfect balance.

When you are looking to buy high quality pear shaped engagement rings for men and women, look no further than The Diamond Guys. You are sure to find the perfect ring from our extensive collection.

Explore our collection to take your pick. Should you have a question, feel free to contact us at 03 9070 9948.


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