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    Oval Diamond
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    Oval-Cut Diamond Wedding Band Australia

    Oval cut diamonds are admired for their superior scintillation and are next in line to round cut diamonds. They make the perfect modern alternative to the round cut while radiating sparkle and elegance in a captivating way. The charm of the oval cut wedding band is undeniable and if you are looking for something that makes you stand out from the crowd, browse through the choices that we have here. At The Diamond Guys, we bring you oval cut wedding bands that make a striking statement and are available in a variety of styles. With our bespoke service, we can accommodate all your needs. Explore our collection today to discover unique wedding bands.

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    Create Your Own Oval Diamond Wedding Band

    We have wedding bands that can be effortlessly paired with various engagement ring styles. You can either choose from our collection or design a wedding band inspired by your narrative. We are passionate about exploring new ideas and would love to work with you to craft a remarkable wedding band. If you already have a design in mind or a picture of what you want your wedding band to look like, connect with us. Your wedding band is an enduring symbol of your love and commitment and we will ensure that you get a piece that will be treasured for a lifetime. Schedule an appointment with us to explore the design possibilities and find the perfect wedding band.

    Choose From the Finest Oval Cut Wedding Bands

    The narrowing effect and subtle brilliance make the oval cut a much-admired choice. The diamonds appear larger than their carat weight and can be used in different settings for an eye-catching look. At The Diamond Guys, we consider the entire piece and focus on every design element to create something that will delight you. We make use of the finest diamonds to create a striking piece known for its distinct look

    The opulence of oval cut is unmatched and we can expertly design a wedding band that is either minimal or vintage-inspired. The flattering look and elongated shape have made oval-cut diamonds popular and they are widely used for different jewellery settings. If you are looking for wedding bands that are different and look fresh, explore the oval-cut options that we have here. We believe that every oval-cut is different and will take you through the variations. There are oval cuts that are long and thin or have pointy ends. There are others with flatter ends or are wide and round. We will assist you in choosing a stone that is perfect for your wedding band.

    If the oval-cut diamond wedding band appeals to you and you are keen to check out the design possibilities, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will take you through the favourite wedding bands in our collection and can also help you to design something from scratch.