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    Unique Marquise Cut
    Diamond Engagement RIngs

    Marquise Diamond Rings in Australia

    Want to design a gorgeous marquise cut engagement ring?

    At The Diamond Guys, we can create marquise-shaped diamond rings in different settings and styles to help you find the ring of your dreams. Marquise shaped engagement rings are elongated with curved edges and pointed ends. The unique shape makes it the ideal choice if you are looking for something different. Exuding timeless elegance and sophistication, our selection of marquise-shaped diamond engagement rings features the finest diamonds with admirable brilliance.

    Marquise Shaped Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

    If you want a diamond engagement ring but are unsure about the cut, feel free to book a consultation with our experts. Based on your preferences, we will help you identify the perfect cut. The marquise cut oozes traditionality and makes a striking engagement ring. They make the fingers of the wearer look slender and there are wide design options. You can choose the marquise diamond ring halo setting for a luxurious look. We invite you to view our collection and choose from unique marquise engagement rings to perfectly symbolise your bond.