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Men's Diamond Wedding Bands

Go for something simple, or design something entirely unique

Start creating your own men's wedding ring now.

It’s time to band together

Wedding rings are a key part of your big day. Men’s wedding bands are no less special. Consider your wedding ring as a lifetime membership to an exclusive club of unconditional love and mutual support.

Like the rest of our range, our selection of stunning men’s bands will continue to inspire you day after day.

You don’t need a half time speech to feel inspired. We can work with you to create custom men’s rings. We want to help you shape the perfect wedding day, and we believe this begins with the perfect ring.

You can create your own custom men’s bands by choosing the colour and purity of your metals and the type and placement of the stones. We can also help you remodel old family heirlooms to your liking.

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The Wedding Guys bring to you an exclusive range of men’s designer wedding bands. We understand that choosing a men’s wedding band isn’t the easiest of tasks. That’s why our jewellery specialists are on-hand to assist you at every step of the way.

Whether you are ordering online or visiting one of our stores in Melbourne, we can help you find the perfect ring for your man. Whether you are looking to buy a plain wedding ring, men’s two-tone wedding bands or men’s black diamond wedding bands, we have something for everyone. You can even choose from an array of metals including white gold, rose gold, yellow gold as well as platinum, black zirconium, carbon fibre and titanium.

No matter the ring you choose, we assure you of exceptional craftsmanship, exclusive style and the highest standards of quality. Each ring is handcrafted by our experienced craftsmen using traditional techniques and quality materials. Each ring is testimony to our commitment to quality and is designed to stand the test of time and reflect your commitment to your partner.

Explore our complete range of men’s wedding bands on this page. But if you can’t find the perfect wedding band for your man, feel free to contact our jewellery specialists for a customised solution. We will work with you to design and craft a bespoke wedding band for your beloved.

Finest Men’s Wedding Bands in Melbourne

When it comes to choosing a men’s wedding ring, it’s important to find one that’s practical. Whether you want a classic wedding ring or something unique, craftsmanship is also an important factor to consider when picking your wedding band.

With that in mind, The Wedding Guys are proud to offer a range of men’s wedding bands in traditional and modern styles. Each ring is crafted under the strictest standards of craftsmanship and quality. You are sure to find the perfect men’s wedding ring to reflect your man’s style, personality and your commitment.

Men usually prefer simple rings that could be worn everyday without inconvenience. They prefer a style that would look timeless and stylish without looking out of place. Many men find the entire process of picking a ring daunting. After all, men have very little experience with choosing jewellery.

We understand that everyone is unique with their own personal taste and preferences. However, here are some essential things to consider when buying a men’s wedding band:

  • Is the ring comfortable to wear?
  • Will the ring match your personality?
  • Do you want any precious stones in your band?
  • Do you have any reactions to metal?
  • Is this wedding ring suited for your lifestyle?
  • Do you want matching rings for you and your partner?

Talk to the Wedding Ring Specialists

The Diamond Guys are here to help you find the finest diamond wedding band for men. Choose from our extensive range of ready jewellery or order a custom made wedding band. Regardless, we assure you of a fantastic experience from start to finish.

Visit our stores in Melbourne or order online in three easy steps. Call 03 9070 9948 now to speak to our friendly team.


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