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Marquise Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

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To learn about this unique style of diamond, we need to take a trip through history. The stunning marquise cut diamond takes its origins from the court of France’s King Louis XIV. Its distinctive, oblong shape is reminiscent of royal decadence, creating a flattering and memorable feature on the finger.

The Diamond Guys source our diamonds from a range of mines, jewellers, and craftsmen from all over the world. Our marquise engagement rings range from minimalist halo arrays, to more extravagant pieces.

Want to add your own flair to an existing design? We specialise in working with clients to create custom marquise engagement rings. Send us some inspiration, and we’ll help you mold the perfect engagement.

You can even take it further. If you like the marquise style, we can also add a range of other stones at your request. You can choose the shape, the array, and the metal, and we’ll get to work. We can also repurpose old family heirlooms into new jewellery.


The Diamond Guys is part of an international network of diamond miners, cutters and jewellery craftsmen, all committed to supplying you with the best value for the money when it comes to diamonds and diamond jewellery available in Australia.


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