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    3 Simple Ways to Hide Your Engagement Ring

    Posted On December 27, 2018

    The holiday season is perfect for everything important: vacations, reunions, and… proposals!  The infectious cheer of this festive season makes it one of the most ideal periods of the year to get down on one knee and pop the big question.

    If you’re planning to propose over the holidays, you need to take all the necessary precautions to make sure your plan is foolproof, one of which is keeping your engagement ring hidden. Here are a few nifty tricks to ensure you don’t get caught!

    Tip #1: Hide With a Sock

    Most proposals take place while couples are on a trip. As you’ll be travelling, it is best to stick to the basics so you don’t lose the ring. If you have any long socks, you can put the ring box inside it and wrap them before tucking it inside one of your deep-seated shoes, then place the shoes at the very bottom of the suitcase. Do keep the ring in your carry-on as well so it doesn’t set off on the metal detector once you go through security.

    Tip #2: Buy a Special Prop

    There are various items where you can discreetly hide the ring while keeping it safe and scratch-free. If you have spare money to spend, you can search the Internet for some creative ideas. For instance, there are unique ring boxes that keep your rings well hidden without blowing your cover. Those who want to keep it simple can also opt for a slim ring box.

    Tip #3: Ask a Friend

    Proposing in public is a daunting task that opens many avenues for potential delays or disasters. It might be much safer to collaborate with an accomplice to keep the ring in their hands while you prep for the main event. Discuss your proposal idea and create a subtle signal to ready your friend on that day. This works best for partners who live together and don’t have a safe place to hide the ring.

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