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    Cushion Cut vs. Round Cut: Which Is Right for Your Engagement Ring?

    Posted On September 27, 2023

    Dive Deep into the Dazzling World of Diamonds

    Cushion Cut vs. Round Cut: Engagement rings are not just ornamental. They encapsulate moments, memories, and promises. And in this vast world of shimmering stones, how does one decide between the brilliance of cushion cut engagement rings and the classic allure of round cuts? Fret not! With ‘The Diamond Guys’ by your side and our expertise tailored to Australian tastes, we’re here to guide you. Let’s delve deeper into these captivating cuts to determine which one truly mirrors your love story!

    The Sparkling Dichotomy

    Both round and cushion cut diamond rings have their unique shimmer. However, it can be enlightening to understand the distinction between their scintillation—the blend of brilliance (white light) and fire (rainbow light).

    Round diamonds are the undisputed leaders in brilliance, explaining their unyielding popularity. Cushion cut diamond engagement rings, while a tad less brilliant, make up for it with an intense fire, courtesy of their expansive facets. It’s like comparing a lighthouse’s glow to a bonfire’s warmth. Your preference will depend on whether you’re drawn to a beacon or the cosiness of flames.

    Perception of Size: An Optical Illusion

    When examining diamonds, size isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. At the same time, the carat indicates weight, and the perceived size hinges on the table surface area of the diamond.

    The debate about whether cushion cut diamond engagement rings seem larger than round ones doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all answer. Cushion cuts might flaunt a marginally more significant table and more prominent facets. Still, the unmatched brilliance of round diamonds often makes them visually appear more extensive.

    For those eyeing maximum visual size without a bump in carats, focus on the diamond’s cut grade, preferably in the Very Good or Excellent range. Moreover, a halo setting can significantly amplify the perceived size of both round and cushion cut diamond rings.

    Navigating Through the 4Cs

    For the uninitiated, the world of diamonds can seem intricate. But armed with knowledge about the Four Cs—Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat—you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision.

    For round diamonds, these 4Cs paint a comprehensive picture. But, venturing into cushion cut diamond ring territory demands some extra navigation. Be sure to consider four additional parameters: ratio, depth percentage, table percentage, and faceting. These aspects play a pivotal role in a cushion cut diamond’s overall allure and quality.

    Financial Factors: Deciphering the Price Tags

    The round diamonds, with their unmatched brilliance and popularity, naturally command a higher price point. Factors like greater wastage during cutting further inflate their costs. Cushion cuts, on the other hand, present a more economical choice, with potential savings ranging between 25% to 50% compared to round diamonds with similar attributes.

    Although cushion cuts have recently witnessed a price surge due to their ascending popularity, they remain among the top contenders for those seeking value without compromising on beauty.

    Cushion Cuts: The Unsung Heroes

    A symphony of brilliance and fire.

    Enhanced durability, thanks to its forgiving rounded edges.

    An ever-expanding selection, given its burgeoning popularity.

    Round Diamonds: The Eternal Charmers

    Peerless in terms of brilliance.

    Timelessly popular, exuding an ageless elegance.

    Often seen as larger due to their exceptional scintillation.

    The Final Verdict

    Whether your heart yearns for cushion cut engagement rings or is set on the timeless round cut, remember: the diamond merely reflects your unique love story. Both cuts exude their distinct charm, and the best choice is the one that resonates with your heart’s true desire.


    1. Is the cushion cut inherently more durable than the round cut?

    Due to the cushion cut’s rounded edges, it boasts enhanced durability, making it less prone to chipping.

    2. What’s behind the heftier price tag of round diamonds?

    Round diamonds are pricier due to factors like greater raw diamond wastage during creation and their sustained popularity.

    3. How well does a cushion cut diamond reflect light?

    The cushion cut diamond beautifully reflects both white and coloured light, attributed to its high brilliance and fire levels.

    4. Any tips to make my diamond appear larger?

    Prioritise the diamond’s cut grade and consider a halo setting. Both strategies can create the illusion of a more sizeable diamond.

    Let your chosen diamond echo your unique love tale!

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