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    4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying an Engagement Ring

    Posted On December 17, 2018

    Shopping for engagement rings for guys can be a daunting process because it may feel like uncharted territory. It’s easy to get lost with all the available choices and various factors to consider. To help you out, here’s a list of questions to ask yourself before you buy an engagement ring.

    Q1: Does Your Proposal Suit Your Ring?

    All proposals are unique in their own way and are very intimate. It’s like the passage before the next chapter, which requires a lot of preparation on the man’s part. As engagement rings are often the highlight of a proposal, it is only important that the type of ring you buy perfectly suits where and how you plan to propose. Is it on a mountaintop? In a concert? Across the fields? Wherever it is, think about it!

    Q2: Will The Ring Fit Her Lifestyle?

    In essence, engagement rings are still gifts. So, of course, it is normal to consider whether the girl you plan on proposing to will like the ring aesthetic-wise, but also whether it is amenable to her daily activities and lifestyle in general. For example, a woman working a desk job can manage a sparkly engagement ring as their workload doesn’t involve manual labour. On the other hand, women who work in industries where they are required to use their hands most of the time, like chefs or artists, would prefer rings that can withstand external factors over a long period of time.

    Q3: Do You Have a Budget?

    Despite the norm that an engagement ring should be worth two months of one’s salary, the fast-shifting economic situation might beg to differ from this trend. You don’t have to follow this supposed rule if you know it is way out of your spending capacity!

    Q4: Where Should You Shop?

    Once you’re ready to make those big steps for your upcoming proposal, it’s time to drop by a jeweller! Start visiting the jewellery shops you have in mind, starting with the places you have the most confidence in. If you have no idea, you can always research diamond engagement rings in Melbourne or wherever you prefer to get your ring.

    For more information on engagement ring shopping and other tips, visit The Diamond Guys. We have the finest diamonds in our collection and will be more than happy to guide you in finding the perfect ring for your fiance. Book an appointment with us today by calling (03) 9526 8421!

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