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5 Reasons Why it’s Important to Wear your Wedding Ring?

For many generations now, wearing your wedding ring is the common ritual practised by almost all societies around the world. If you look through the pages of history, you will find that this concept of wearing the wedding ring has not evolved in recent times. Instead, it has been prevailing for many years. 

However, have you ever wondered what is the reason behind this? 

And why does this ring hold so much significance

Here are a few reasons why it can be important you wear your wedding ring: 


Wedding rings are a symbol of commitment to your significant other. Wedding rings have been tokens of commitment for centuries, dating back to the middle ages where the groom would present the bride and her family with an expensive ring in order to prove his commitment to the marriage and that he would never step back from this relationship. The ring signifies that you are in a committed relationship and having the ring on you at all times goes to show that you are open about this and that you are willing to show it off. Seeing the ring on your finger on a daily basis can also serve as a reminder to your partner about how much they mean to you and that it is them out of everyone else that you chose to spend the rest of your life with.  


Wearing a wedding ring can also prove to be a symbol of attachment, love and affection. Although in some cases or societies around the world, marriage is not always believed to be the product of love but in any case, wearing your wedding ring goes to show that you are attached to the person you are married to and that they hold significant value/meaning in your life. Furthermore, the ring can almost act as memory itself as it can make you reminisce about all of the good times who have shared with your spouse in the past, in times when you miss them the most. Along with being the representation of holy matrimony, the ring also has attached fond memories that you and your better half have shared over your time together. 


Your wedding ring can also act as a trigger for you to think about the decisions you choose to make keeping your partner in mind. With your wedding ring on your finger, there comes an added responsibility, and that responsibility is to keep your partners respect in mind. You must understand that you are no longer single and that your actions can affect not only you but also your loved one too and therefore you must think twice before making certain decisions and ask yourself: “Am I being respectful to my partner by taking this decision?” Respect is crucial not only in marriage but in any relationship, keeping your partner in mind at all times will ensure that your relationship/marriage is a stable one, and also a quiet way of expressing the importance of your partner in your life. 


A key reason as to why you should wear your wedding ring at all times is to avoid or block out any unwanted attention. Infidelity is one of the biggest reasons behind marriages ending in divorce, and it is something that a lot of married couples are in doubt of even though they may not admit to it. Having your wedding ring on can prevent such unwanted consequences from occurring as it clearly sends a message to anyone that you may interact with daily, that you are in a committed relationship. It is also said that the most common cause of infidelity is often emotional disconnection from your partner or feeling unappreciated or unloved. These feelings cannot be completely avoided as every married couple faces their ups and downs, yet you can still do your part by wearing your wedding ring every day in honour of your partner and to prove that you are and always will be attached, committed and respectful to your partner as discussed above.


The fifth reason to always wear your wedding ring is that it sets the right example for your children along with giving them the impression that their parents’ marriage is secure. As time goes by and your children get to ages where they begin to understand the concept of marriage and healthy relationships, seeing you wearing your wedding ring every day will teach them the significance of the ring and they will learn the reasons behind both their mother and father choose to wear their rings till this day. In other words, your future children will be more likely to have a healthy perspective on marriage by learning from the example that was set by you and your significant other.

In conclusion, your wedding ring simply defines and highlights the love, commitment and respect that you have for your partner while also acting as a shield from any negative/unwanted entities. Your marriage has nothing to do with the perfect diamond ring or gold or any other metal at the end of the day, what matters most is the love between two spouses, not the ring that you gift. 

While it is extremely important to always wear your wedding ring, you might also want to learn about the Times When Diamond Engagement Rings Shouldn’t Be Worn. 

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