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    A Man’s Guide to Eternity Rings

    Posted On December 15, 2017

    You probably thought that you’d only be shopping for only 2 rings in your life for your significant other: an engagement ring and a wedding band. Then, as time goes by and your relationship gets even better, you realise that there is another occasion you want to significantly recognise, and that’s your long lasting bond with each other.

    Fortunately romantics thought of the eternity ring – it symbolises lasting love and never-ending commitment. Eternity rings are usually given as anniversary gifts or to commemorate a major milestone in a couple’s life. It is a band made up of precious metal and identically cut diamonds or gemstones.

    The rise of the Eternity Ring

    It was in the 1940s when the De Beers Mining Company popularized the slogan “A diamond is forever” and diamond rings became the Hollywood-must-have. The diamond eternity ring became the envy of women when Yankees legend Joe DiMaggio gave Marilyn Monroe a stunning band on their wedding day in 1954. To this day, the eternity ring is still “in style.”

    Eternity ring as gift idea

    A person can wear more than one eternity ring on the same finger.  One reason why eternity rings are great gift ideas is the concept of ring stacking. Some prefer to wear a stack of diamond eternity rings with various widths and cuts, or with different gemstones. With every milestone in your life, a new band to be added to the collection.

    Eternity ring standing in for diamond engagement ring

    What better way to show your commitment than to give your beloved a symbol of never-ending love? If solitaire diamond engagement rings are too mainstream for your taste or if you want to be more unique with the ring you’re giving her, an eternity ring could be a great alternative.

    To learn more about Eternity Rings, talk to The Diamond Guys because we definitely have your back when you’re looking for the best diamond ring in Melbourne for her!

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