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    Choosing the Best Stone Shape

    Posted On December 15, 2018

    Buying engagement rings for guys may feel like uncharted territory: there’s a lot at stake as to whether your future wife will sport it for the rest of her life, so you might as well pick the best one that you can find.

    That’s why for starters, let’s begin ring shopping with the basics: shapes! Stone shapes play a big part in engagement rings because it is the main focal point. Read on to find out how to pick the best stone shape for your engagement ring.

    1. Round or Princess Cut

    The round and the princess cut are the most popular diamond stone shapes. The round cut accounts for about 75% of all diamond ring sales and are best characterised by its beautiful sparkle due to its special cut. Meanwhile, the princess cut has various intricacies and is commonly used in a solitaire setting. If you want a ring that gleams like a star, choose either of these two shapes.

    1. Oval or Marquise Cut

    The oval and marquise cut both have one thing in common: they have an elongated shape, which makes them perfect for those who have shorter fingers. Usually, these stone shapes are accompanied by other smaller stones that surround the ring, making them the primary stone. Pick these shapes if you want to give off an illusion of length.

    1. Heart-Shaped Cut (and Other Similarly Round Shapes)

    Although rarely chosen, the heart-shaped cut is a skillfully made shape that can pull off that dramatic effect you’re looking for. Other similarly round shapes are also great picks if you plan to give a ring to someone with larger hands.

    1. Pear or Trilliant Cut

    Inspired by oval and marquise diamonds, these asymmetrically shaped diamond cuts are conveniently fashionable because you can sport two looks whichever way you put it in. Pick this diamond shape if you use a solitaire setting on your metal band.

    Got an idea already? Let us help you further with your ring shopping! If you want to purchase diamond engagement rings in Melbourne, check out The Diamond Guys. We have an impressive collection of various diamond shapes and designs that your beau will surely like. For enquiries, call us today!

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