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    Earring Maintenance – How to Keep Your Earrings Clean

    Posted On June 23, 2023

    Earrings are a timeless accessory that can elevate any outfit and add a touch of elegance and sparkle. Whether you own sterling silver earrings, diamond earrings, or gold earrings, proper maintenance is essential to ensure they retain their beauty and shine for years to come. In this blog, we will discuss some effective tips and techniques to keep your earrings clean and well-maintained, regardless of the material they are made from.

    Caring for Sterling Silver Earrings:

    Sterling silver earrings can develop tarnish over time due to exposure to air and moisture. To keep them looking their best, regularly clean your sterling silver earrings using a soft, lint-free cloth. You can also use a silver polishing cloth or a mild silver cleaning solution to remove tarnish. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals as they may damage the silver. Proper storage in a jewellery box or airtight pouch can also help prevent tarnishing.

    Cleaning Diamond Earrings:

    Diamond earrings are precious and require special care to maintain their brilliance. To clean diamond earrings, create a mixture of warm water and mild dish soap. Soak the earrings for a few minutes, then gently scrub them using a soft toothbrush to remove any dirt or debris. Rinse the earrings thoroughly and pat them dry with a soft cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may scratch the diamonds. Periodic professional cleaning by a jeweller can also help restore the diamond’s sparkle.

    Maintaining Gold Earrings:

    Gold earrings, whether yellow gold or white gold, can lose their lustre over time. To clean gold earrings, create a solution of warm water and mild dish soap. Soak the earrings for a few minutes, then use a soft brush or cloth to gently clean them. Rinse the earrings thoroughly and pat them dry. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals that may damage the gold. Regular polishing with a jewellery polishing cloth can help maintain the shine of your gold earrings.


    Proper maintenance and regular cleaning are essential to keep your sterling silver, diamond, and gold earrings looking their best. By following these simple guidelines, you can ensure that your earrings retain their beauty, sparkle, and value over time. Remember to handle your earrings with care, store them properly, and seek professional cleaning or repairs when necessary. With the right maintenance, your earrings will continue to enhance your style and bring joy for many years to come.


    1. Can you wear sterling silver earrings all the time?

    Yes, you can wear sterling silver earrings every day. In fact, many people prefer to wear their diamonds and other precious gems in sterling silver instead of gold or platinum because it is less likely to irritate the skin and is generally more comfortable to wear.

    2. How do you keep sterling silver earrings from tarnishing?

    Tarnish occurs when silver jewellery is exposed to oxygen and sulphur particles in the air. To prevent tarnishing, you can store your sterling silver earrings in a zip-lock bag or another airtight container. If using a bag, ensure all the air is removed before sealing it. Additionally, you can use anti-tarnish strips or pouches designed to absorb moisture and prevent tarnish formation.

    3. What not to do with diamond earrings?

    To avoid accidentally damaging your diamond earrings, it’s important to play it safe and refrain from using harsh chemical products or abrasive materials to clean them. Instead, use a gentle cleaning solution specifically formulated for diamonds or soak the earrings in warm soapy water and gently clean them with a soft brush.

    Avoid exposing your diamond earrings to high heat, extreme temperature changes, and harsh impact to prevent any potential damage. Regular professional cleaning and inspections by a jeweller are also recommended to ensure the longevity and brilliance of your diamond earrings.



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