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    Top Trending Wedding Rings in 2022

    Posted On February 18, 2022

    Couples who are planning to tie the knot in 2022 may have already started to discuss what their wedding rings should look like. There is a lot of brainstorming going on with the designs and the look. If your wedding is coming up this year, this blog is for you.

    Each year sets new trends and styles in the jewellery industry. This blog takes a look at the trending wedding rings of 2022. We bet that you will definitely find your style of wedding ring after reading this.

    Solitaire Rings

    One style in women’s wedding rings never goes out of fashion is a solitaire set on a band made out of any precious metal. This classy and simple wedding ring style is always timeless. Solitaires generally refer to any ring that has a single stone setting. Today, this name is overwhelmingly associated with diamond but it can be any stone. Usually, solitaire rings have no accent on the band but now there are a lot of options available on the width of the band, stone settings on the band (half and full), engravings of the wedding date and a lot more. Diamond solitaire with platinum bands, white or yellow gold bands looks great as a classic piece of a wedding ring.

    Vintage Rings

    Another unique style that is trending in wedding rings in 2022 is the vintage or antique look. These have a more classic vibe with their distinct style that is influenced mostly by romantic eras. A ring with ‘vintage’ aesthetics is defined with twisted bands, having floral motifs, coloured gemstones in a plethora of designs. They give an antique old-world feel incorporating both delicate feminine and bold masculine designs. These rings are available in a variety of metals with white, rose or yellow gold being the most preferred choice. This style suits both men and women. The couple can pair their rings with matching designs as vintage men’s wedding rings are widely available. Traditional heirloom rings can be redesigned which makes a great vintage style statement.

    Eternity Rings

    A minimalistic style that is trending in wedding rings in 2022 is the eternity ring. These kinds of rings are great to show never-ending love and commitment. The style has a ring made of any precious metal. Within the band, identically cut gemstones are set in a continuous line forming a circle. Usually, diamonds are the first preference of any eternity ring. But other precious stones can be used. These rings are available in a huge variety of styles that includes the width of the band, cutting design of the stone, style of stone setting and much more. The most common precious metals used for these rings are platinum and white, rose or yellow gold.

    Toi Et Moi Rings

    Toi Et Moi: this French phrase translates to ‘you and me’. This style of women’s wedding rings is highly trending in 2022. A classic Toi Et Moi ring has a band with two matching gemstones in size and cut set side by side. This means the oneness of two entities which is no doubt very romantic. These

    rings are now open to a huge variety of customisation allowing jewellery designers to be highly creative. The combination can be gemstones with pearls or any other motifs as the bride wants. The bands can be embellished with accent stones set in different styles or filigree work. From heavy vintage style to sleek contemporary ones, Toi Et Moi rings have a class of their own.

    Here are Some More Styles of Trending Wedding Rings:

    Band Rings

    Be it men’s wedding rings or women’s wedding rings, the band style never goes out of fashion. Generally, the band has a wide width which makes a good wedding statement ring. Bands are made of precious metals like gold or platinum. They can be embellished with diamonds and given different designs. Couples can get matching band rings for the occasion. Platinum diamond bands are a top trend now.

    Halo Rings

    Another style of trending wedding rings for 2022 is the halo ring. These dazzling rings has a circle or a halo of small-sized gemstones complementing the centrepiece. Though this is a vintage ring design, yet, due to this unique feature of halo rings are always in fashion. Diamond halo rings are a top choice for a bride who wants something more with a solitaire.

    These are the top trending styles of wedding rings in 2022. When you are choosing your wedding ring after reading this blog, keep in mind that the ring is going to be your constant companion. Prioritise your comfort, the nature of your work and lifestyle and then make a selection.

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