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    How Wide Should a Men’s Wedding Band Be?

    Posted On February 18, 2022

    Hello soon-to-be groom! Congratulations on your wedding. Shopping needs to be done and there is so much to buy especially the wedding bands. You know ‘Some things are forever’. So, it is time to select your wedding band. This is one thing that will be on your finger for years to come. It is essentially important that you select one that you will love lifelong.

    Often men are confused with selecting wedding rings especially for themselves. Most men are not sure where to start while some have never worn a ring and do not know what looks best on them. There are many aspects that need to be considered like the correct metal, the right style, the perfect design and many more. One very important aspect is the width of the wedding band.

    In this blog, we have briefly discussed the width of wedding rings for men. This will give you a clear idea of the things considered while selecting a ring’s width. Keep reading!

    Wedding rings are perhaps the only jewellery piece that is worn consistently. Hence, it has to be a comfortable one. If you think that the width of the band does not matter, then you are wrong. A slight increase or decrease in millimetres brings a lot of changes in comfort. Though there is no fixed set of rules for making the best selection, there are some points to keep in mind.

    Starting with what the width of the band means, it essentially refers to the thickness of the ring which is measured in millimetres. The width of a wedding band for men’s wear can range from 2mm to 9mm. Even there are rings available with a whopping 12mm width of the band. But which one will be the correct purchase? Experts say if you cannot bend your finger or feels uncomfortable after wearing the ring, it is not for you.

    The width of the wedding rings can be broadly placed into two categories: the narrow wedding band and the wide wedding band.

    The Narrow Wedding Band

    A narrow wedding band for men’s wear starts from 2mm and generally ends within 6mm. For whom are they recommended?

    · Men with smaller hands or having slender fingers

    · Men who have never worn a ring before

    · Men with ring size under 9

    · Men who want a narrow and light-weight band

    Thin width weddings rings are a great choice if men want them to be made of precious metals as it is easily affordable.

    The Wide Wedding Band

    Wedding rings with a width of more than 7mm are considered to be wide wedding bands. So, who can wear them?

    · Men who have large hands with thick fingers

    · Men who are used to wearing rings and feel comfortable

    · Men who have a ring size over 9

    · Men who want to make a statement with more impact.

    A wide wedding band for men’s wear will tend to have a snugger fit than its thinner counterparts. They will also be more expensive when made out of precious metals.

    Is there any average width of bands in wedding rings for men? The most common width preferred by men is between 6 to 7mm. These can also be tagged as medium width rings that are neither too wide nor too narrow. They look great on most men, comfortable and easy to wear.

    Some important takeaway points

    · Thin bands (2 to 3mm) will tend to look very delicate. They can be best paired with other rings if at all you want to wear one of this kind.

    · Consider your lifestyle and habits while choosing the width. A thick band can withstand more wear and tear. A thin one is more prone to breakage.

    · The width of the band will change if you want to embed diamonds or engrave significant information like wedding dates or names.

    The bottom line

    Choosing wedding rings for men can be a more tedious task than choosing a women’s ring. There is no set formula to find the perfect wedding band or ring. The best thing you can do is visit a jewellery store and try out the variations. Choose the one that is comfortable and fits within your budget.

    Hopefully, now you have understood the importance of considering the width of your wedding ring. Go ahead and follow the tips mentioned in this blog. We are sure that you will find the perfect wedding ring.

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