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    How to Make your Diamond Engagement Ring Look Bigger

    Posted On November 21, 2017

    You’re a bloke, diamond rings aren’t your area of expertise, but you know it’s supposed to be big… and you do think she’s worth it… but if can look bigger than it costs, that would be ideal, right?

    If the scheme of bigger is better, here are some ways to make the best diamond rings look really impressive.

    Round is not the only shape

    The most common shape for engagement rings is round, but they’re also the most expensive because it’s difficult to cut a round shape from a rough diamond. With an oval or marquise cut, you’ll get a bigger rock with the same budget. An added bonus is that with a different shape, your beloved gets a uniquely designed diamond engagement ring.

    Use a slim band

    A small bank will make the diamond look bigger.  The wider the band the smaller the gemstones will look. Look for engagement rings that use a slim band or ask for a ‘pinched shank’ ring where the band tapers as it approaches the stone.

    Choose a bright white metal band

    Interior designers will tell you that mirrors make any space seem larger, and the same is true with rings. Choose platinum or white gold for your band and the image of the diamond will be reflected on the metal creating the illusion of a bigger stone.

    Look for a trusted diamond jeweller

    The right jeweller will show you that it’s not just the size of the diamond that matters, but the cut and the set that help show it off.  Look for online reviews and recommendations from friends to find a jeweller who will give you an honest opinion on what’s best for your bride-to-be.

    That’s the basics of ring buying down, if you’d like to know more talk to The Diamond Guys.  We are not just a diamond company in Melbourne, we are also guys who understand you!

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