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Marquise Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

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To learn about this unique style of diamond, we need to take a trip through history. The stunning marquise cut diamond takes its origins from the court of France’s King Louis XIV. Its distinctive, oblong shape is reminiscent of royal decadence, creating a flattering and memorable feature on the finger.

The Diamond Guys source our diamonds from a range of mines, jewellers, and craftsmen from all over the world. Our marquise engagement rings range from minimalist halo arrays, to more extravagant pieces.

Want to add your own flair to an existing design? We specialise in working with clients to create custom marquise engagement rings. Send us some inspiration, and we’ll help you mold the perfect engagement.

You can even take it further. If you like the marquise style, we can also add a range of other stones at your request. You can choose the shape, the array, and the metal, and we’ll get to work. We can also repurpose old family heirlooms into new jewellery.

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When you are looking for something unique and different, a marquise-shaped ring is an excellent choice. Stand apart from the crowd and showcase your unique personality with one of our marquise engagement rings. Apart from looking stunning, a marquise cut diamond ring offers an affordable option.

A marquise halo engagement ring is a classic, unique choice. It looks gorgeous and looks even better on your finger. Featuring 58 facets, pointy ends and an elliptical shape, a marquise diamond cut resembles a football and is also known as the eye-shaped cut or boat-shaped cut. Its tapered and long shape makes the most of carat weight, creating the illusion of a much bigger piece of diamond.

Anatomy of Marquise Diamonds

Carat for carat, this diamond has a larger crown surface compared to any other diamond shape, making for an excellent choice when you want to maximise the perceived size of your diamond. What’s more, it can make your finger look slimmer and longer.

A marquise diamond is comprised of the following parts/aspects:

  • Belly – This is the diamond’s central area where the sides curve out. It’s a critical location of any marquise ring – this is where the width of the diamond is measured.
  • Point – The area where two curved sides of the diamond meet at each end.
  • Wing – The curved area from the belly through to the point.
  • Girdle – The intersection of the pavilion (bottom facets) and crown (top of the diamond).
  • Keel line – the bottom part of the cut, where the pavilion facets meet. This runs the length of the diamond.

Features of a Marquise Diamond Ring

When it comes to a marquise cut diamond, symmetry is everything. The two end-points must align with each other, and the left and right sides must form a near-perfect mirror image. Even the slightest misalignment of the points could result in an off-kilter look. That’s why it’s important to buy a marquise ring with excellent symmetry.

How narrow or fat your marquise diamond is will depend on your personal taste and preference. A length to width ratio between 1.75 and 2.15 is known as the classic marquise cut. Each piece of diamond from The Diamond Guys comes with precise measurements and length to width ratio so you know the precise shape of the marquise diamond you are considering.

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The Diamond Guys offer an expansive selection of some of the best marquise engagement rings. Our prices are fair and all our products are backed by a quality guarantee. All our diamonds are GIA certified for your peace of mind.

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