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    What to Do if The Ring Prongs are Broken

    Posted On July 25, 2018

    It’s not just the diamond that needs to be taken care of, the setting of your ring deserves some tender attention too. If you notice something wrong with the prongs of your diamond engagement ring, you need to take action. The earlier you sort out a repair, the more chance you have of saving the prongs and keeping your diamond in great condition. Here is what to do in cases of damaged ring prongs.

    1. Put the ring in a safe place

    If you notice that the stone is a little loose, it’s best to take the ring off and keep it safe so you don’t risk further damage. Repairing it after the diamond has fallen out completely could be an expensive undertaking, so it is better to keep your engagement ring in a safe place until you can get it repaired.

    2. Have your jeweller straighten out your prongs

    Sometimes it might be that the ring prongs are simply bent. A good idea is to take your diamond ring to your jeweller and have the prongs straightened in order to keep it in a good state. It is better to do this early to prevent further damage.

    3. Retip the prongs

    If the prongs on your ring have broken, they’ll need to be retipped. The jeweller will replace the broken prong through the process of soldering. Keep in mind that the replacement may be weaker, so it’s good to check it once in a while. If more prongs have been damaged, you might need to entertain the idea of replacing the whole setting.

    The best thing you can do for the ring prongs is prevent damage in the first place, and make sure you have it maintained and checked at least yearly. Contact The Diamond Guys for assistance when it comes to quality Melbourne engagement rings.

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