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The Top Five Inclusions in a Diamond

Despite being the strongest rock, diamonds are still prone to imperfections. So, wouldn’t it be good to know how to identify these imperfections when you make a purchase?

When it comes to diamonds, flaws in the stone are called inclusions. There are many different types of inclusions, depending on whether the flaw was afflicted on the exterior or interior. We’re here to help you! Here’s a short yet sweet rundown of diamond inclusions that you should watch out for when ring shopping.

Inclusion #1: Bruises

These are small concussions that mark the surface of the diamond and may show very small root-like lines inside the gem. They create feather-like inclusions into the stone. This type of inclusion usually occurs when a diamond cutter doesn’t cut the stone carefully.

Inclusion #2: Cavities

Although they cannot be seen by the naked eye, cavities still affect the clarity of your stone. Cavities are small holes that have formed inside the diamond. This type of inclusion usually forms when a ring falls out of one’s pocket during polishing.

Inclusion #3: Cloud

For the record, diamonds are supposed to be clear. Not white, which is exactly what cloud inclusions are in a diamond. Clouds give your gem a hazy appearance and have pinpoints or crystals found very near each other.

Inclusion #4: Feather

The most obvious of all inclusions, where you wouldn’t need a lens to see is a small crack or fracture within the diamond. Severe cases may often affect the diamond’s durability and even cause discolouration.

Inclusion #5: Needle

Diamonds will often have small crystals inside of them and the inclusion name depends on its shape. Needle inclusions, in particular, look like tiny rods under a magnifying lens. It can be very obvious if it runs across the gem. Needles are usually white or translucent, so they are easy to spot.

Picking the perfect ring is therefore very interesting especially if you are confident with using these tips to make a decision. Get your engagement ring here in Melbourne at Diamond Guys! Our collections are perfect for those shopping for wedding rings holy matrimony. We are committed to ensuring that our stones are of the highest quality in term’s of the 4 Cs—carat, colour, cut, and clarity. For more enquiries, call us today!

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