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    Times When Diamond Engagement Rings Shouldn’t Be Worn

    Posted On July 18, 2018

    A diamond ring shines brightest when you can clearly see its spotless beauty without any kind of dirt or obstruction. We all know how sentimentally and financially valuable diamonds are, so it makes sense you’ll want to choose when to wear it.  More specifically, here are some times when you shouldn’t wear your diamond ring.

    1. Beauty routines

    Your beauty routine may have an effect on your diamond engagement ring. Dust from powders can accumulate and dull the sparkle of the ring. Grease from lotions or foundations can also get into the corners of the ring unnoticed and this will not only add to the dullness, it can also lead to gradual deterioration.

    2. Cleaning

    It’s a good idea to take your engagement ring off before you clean the house. Not only is there a possibility that you could lose the ring as you put the rubbish out or flush the toilet, the chemicals often used in cleaning can also have a negative effect on the state of your ring. Bleach and ammonia are damaging to the metal. Dishwashing liquids and scourers for doing the dishes are notorious enemies of diamond rings. Gardening while wearing a diamond engagement ring is also a terrible idea, as dirt, soil and bacteria can make a home in your precious ring.

    3. Exercising

    Another place where wearing a diamond engagement ring is not advisable is at the gym doing complicated and heavy exercises. Sweat build up in the ring might cause it to twist and loosen the stone. You might accidentally bash your ring into your weights or if you are sweaty it could even fall off your finger.
    It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to risking the state of your engagement ring. For additional information, contact The Diamond Guys, a diamond company in Melbourne, for proper diamond engagement ring care!

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