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    What to Ask Your Jeweller About Your Engagement Ring

    Posted On February 16, 2018

    While it seems like a tough (possibly risky) process, getting the perfect engagement ring for your partner should feel like a smooth and manageable process when you choose the right jeweller. Even if you don’t feel like you have a fortune to spend, an engagement ring still carries symbolic meaning that will have a great impact on you and your loved one. It’s not surprising if you’re overwhelmed with the many sites and stores to get that beautiful diamond. So, we’ve created this list to ask your jeweller to make sure you’re in the right place when it comes to getting that dream engagement ring.

    1. Where do your diamonds come from?

    Asking this to your jeweller will let you know if you’re getting conflict-free diamonds. If they have some credible certification, this will determine that they have reputable suppliers that do not contribute to the worsening of the diamond industry.

    2. Can I modify my ring after purchase?

    This question is worth noting, since when we buy rings they don’t always turn out to be that perfect fit for our partner and sometimes we would like to add something to make it more special. Since what you’ll be buying is an engagement ring, it will be a total downer if you don’t get what your partner really wants, or if your ring doesn’t fit and it turns out your jeweller will be unable to resize it. Good jewellers will make time to offer small modifications for your ring.

    3. What is the warranty and return policy for your rings?

    It is recommended to find jewellers that offer a lifetime warranty, although they don’t always accommodate wear and tear. Be sure to ask all about their warranties and return policies, and take note of their answers since it will determine whether they are confident about their product. This is always good practice when buying something expensive.

    4. Do you offer cleaning and maintenance services?

    It is recommended that you buy from a jeweller that offers free cleaning and maintenance services that will keep your engagement ring looking as new.

    If you still have questions, The Diamond Guys are a trusted diamond company with efficient jewellers that can happily assist you when it comes to finding the right engagement ring in Melbourne for your partner.

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