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    Why Pear Shaped Engagement Rings are so Attractive?

    Posted On November 6, 2021

    Are you searching for the perfect engagement rings online? Then why not choose a pear-shaped ring? It is important that the ring you choose is as special as the occasion itself. A pear cut diamond ring has many distinctive features in terms of its orientation, design and pattern.

    The pear-shaped rings are no doubt here to stay. People love the timeless and classic look of the ring regardless of its size. It is easy to customise and can be worn with the diamond facing down or up.

    Still not sure? In this blog, we are going to talk about what makes this ring a popular option in Melbourne.

    Ring Design and Structure

    The pear-shaped engagement rings Melbourne are a combination of marquise diamond and round-cut diamond made into one. The diamond is cut into distinctive shapes that look like a teardrop. The rounded ends on one side and the pointed end on the other give it an incredibly unique look. You can’t get over the elegant and elongated appearance of the ring. Every ring design effortlessly highlights the beauty of the diamond placed at the centre.

    Intense Sparkle

    This ring has pointed and round edges on either side which resembles the shape of a tiny water droplet. This makes the diamond appear larger thus increasing the sparkle. With more surface area than round cut diamond rings, you will love its brilliant symmetry and design. It is the perfect choice of engagement ring for couples who are looking for something different other than the usual princess cut or round diamond rings.


    • Impactful visual effect
    • Impressive and gorgeous teardrop shapes
    • Eye-catching and flattering look
    • Striking silhouette combined with sharp edges with rounded curves

    Nothing beats the elegance of pear-shaped engagement rings in Melbourne when it comes to surprising your partner.

    Why should you Choose a Pear-shaped Engagement Ring?

    You may come across many engagement rings online, but when you see a pear-shaped diamond ring, you’ll instantly fall in love with its one-of-a-kind design. This will make a perfect engagement gift for your fiancé.

    Pear cut diamonds retain colour well. You can customise your ring and choose a coloured diamond depending on the diamond cut and stone placement. Another reason why people find pear shaped engagement rings attractive is due to the bow-tie effect.

    If you want your diamond to look bigger and better, you can choose a diamond set in yellow gold or rose gold as well.

    Planning on Buying Engagement Rings Online?

    The Diamond Guys are here to provide you with a wide range of unique and equally incredible pear cut diamond rings for weddings and other special occasions. Get ready for the big day by shopping at our jewellery store. Choose from a variety of shapes, designs and metals. We are sure you will find the perfect ring design for your loved ones.

    Call us on (03) 9526 8421 to get started.

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