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    • Diamonds Aren’t Forever: 5 Engagement Ring Trends You Should Avoid

    Diamonds Aren’t Forever: 5 Engagement Ring Trends You Should Avoid

    Posted On March 31, 2023

    While most would agree that engagement rings are meant to be timeless, when choosing a ring, our powers of decision-making are far less resistant to the winds of fashion. Like most other areas in our lives, we’re fixed on the now and not the forever. But not all trends are created equal, and some are better left in the past. In this article, we’ll explore five engagement ring trends that you should avoid at all costs, so you can choose a ring that truly stands the test of time.

    1. Overspending: The ‘Bigger is Better’ Fallacy

    We get it: You want to make a big impression with your engagement ring. But before you start eyeing that massive diamond that costs as much as a down payment on a house, remember that size isn’t everything. Overspending on an engagement ring can set you up for financial stress down the road, and it doesn’t necessarily equate to a happy marriage. Instead, focus on finding a ring that suits your partner’s style and personality, and that you can comfortably afford. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, not the price tag.

    2. Sticking to Tradition: The ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’ Myth

    Yes, diamonds are beautiful, but they’re not the only choice for engagement rings. If your partner isn’t into diamonds or you want to break away from tradition, there are plenty of other gemstones and designs to choose from. Think outside the box. Coloured stones like sapphires, emeralds, or even birthstones all make wonderful alternatives. Or go for a unique setting like a vintage or nature-inspired design. A cliché as it is, the possibilities are endless, so don’t feel confined to the traditional diamond solitaire.

    3. Not Considering Skin Colour: The ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Mistake

    Engagement rings come in all shapes, sizes, and colours, but not all of them suit every skin tone. When choosing an engagement ring, it’s important to consider your partner’s skin color to ensure the ring complements their complexion. For example, a yellow gold band can make darker skin tones look radiant, while a platinum or white gold band can flatter fair skin. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice from a jeweller or do some research online to find a ring that complements your partner’s unique beauty.

    4. Losing Confidence in Yourself: The ‘Comparison is the Thief of Joy’ Trap

    Where once we had to physically look over the fence to keep abreast of our neighbours, with social media we’re now perched above the lives of everyone we know. And with the hawk-eyed capabilities we now have, we’re liable to be caught in an endless cycle of comparison. But remember, everyone’s journey is different, and what matters most is finding a ring that represents your love story. Don’t let the pressure of keeping up with every acquaintance you have on every channel cloud your judgment or make you feel inferior. Trust your instincts and choose a ring that makes you and your partner happy, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

    5. Choosing Trending over Timeless: The ‘Fashion Fades, Style is Eternal’ Warning

    Trends come and go, but an engagement ring is meant to be worn for a lifetime. Choosing a trendy design may seem like a good idea now; in a month, though, it may begin to really stand out. For the wrong reasons. Focus instead on timeless designs that have never lost their sparkle, like a classic solitaire or a simple pavé band. These designs are versatile and can be dressed up or down, making them perfect for everyday wear. You can always add unique touches to the design, like a personalized engraving or a hidden gemstone, to make it special and unique.

    While giving thought to each of these points will steady your ship, it’s important to preface it all with patience. Choosing an engagement ring is not a race, nor should it be. Ever. By taking your time, your chances of choosing a ring that sets your partner’s heart aflutter will greatly increase.

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