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    Guide to Fancy Cut Diamonds

    Posted On November 30, 2017

    Ready to buy a diamond ring? Congratulations! That’s the right stone for a brilliant proposal, but do you know what kind of diamond ring it should be? Some would say you can’t go wrong with a round cut, but if you want to find a more uniquely-shaped ring for your proposal then here’s a short guide to diamond cuts.


    Referred to as Round Brilliant Cut, this is the most popular shape for engagement rings accounting for around 75% of diamonds sold.  With this cut, light bounces from the bottom meaning it sparkles brilliantly. It is also chosen for its versatile and timeless style.


    A Princess cut is a square-shaped diamond with lots of intricacies. The second most famous shape (but one of the least expensive), it is often used as a solitaire engagement ring. The combination of sparkle and modern shape give it a chic look, perfect for the modern woman.


    A rectangular-shaped diamond with long, lean facets extending down the sides.  This cut of diamond is inspired by the stunning green emerald gemstone. The elongated shape highlights the clarity of the stone more than the sparkle. This is the perfect shape for a woman with confidence and an appreciation of vintage design.


    The Asscher is the first ever diamond cut to be patented. This square cut diamond has cropped corners with an X shape. Known for its dramatic style, it’s become a Hollywood favourite with the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Gwyneth Paltrow choosing Asscher cut for their diamonds.


    The cushion-shaped diamond is an antique design reminiscent of the glamorous 1920s.  It earned the love of women when it appeared in The Great Gatsby as Daisy Buchanan’s engagement ring. If your intended is romantic and elegant, choose a cushion cut diamond.


    When size matters, choose marquise.  The marquise diamond has the greatest size per carat weight of all popular cuts, and it’s characterized by its elongated shape.


    For brides who value elegance but want something more unique, oval is a great choice as it has almost the same brilliance that a round cut has. It’s also the cut of choice for those with smaller hands or short fingers as its shape creates an illusion of length.  Add smaller diamonds and other gems for a truly stylish look.


    The ‘teardrop’ diamond is inspired by oval and marquise diamonds. The diamond can be worn with the diamond facing either way which allows the user to sport different looks. Due to its unique shape, an engagement ring with this diamond will stand out.


    A rarely used cut, the radiant diamond is similar to an emerald shape but cut with facets for sparkle. Choose this if you want something similar to the brilliance of a round cut but with a modern edge.


    Wear your heart on her finger.  Encompassing the classic symbol of love, the heart-shaped diamond is known for having a dramatic effect.  It’s a skillfully cut yet rarely chosen cut that will stand out.

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