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    How To Discreetly Figure Out Her Dream Engagement Ring

    Posted On January 19, 2018

    Everything is falling into place – you’re sure you found the one, and you definitely want to make her happy. Of course, this begs the question, do you know the right engagement ring for the right girl? Perhaps you’ve already worked out this isn’t an easy task, and the risk that she’ll think something’s up definitely doesn’t help. There’s no need to worry though, The Diamond Guys have got your back and can help you discover her dream engagement ring discreetly.

    Notice her Wardrobe

    Step one is to notice what she wears. You feel like you’ve known her forever, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get an idea of her sense of style. Is she a girly girl?  Does she like pink and dress like you imagine a princess would if she were a normal person? Is she the quirkiest girl you’ve ever met, or the most comfy casual? Is she into vintage dresses? Part of her personality shows up in the way she present herself, so what’s in her closet can speak volumes in terms of what style or fancy cut diamonds she would want for her engagement ring.

    Peek In Her Jewelry Box

    This tip is a no-brainer. Checking out her jewelry box will tell you basically the type of rings she loves to wear. Have a sneek peek when she’s not around, or make a comment when she’s getting something out of it, so you can get a closer look.  Alternatively. You can start paying attention to the jewelry she’s wearing on a daily basis. Is she more into silver or gold? You’ll be hitting two birds with one stone if the rings are the perfect sizes for her fingers as well. When you do find out, it helps to do a little more research, such as the undertones and other settings for your engagement ring, or you can call The Diamond Guys, a diamond company in Melbourne, and they’ll help you find the best diamond engagement ring for your girlfriend.

    Talk to Her Friends and Family

    Hopefully you’re close enough with some of her friends and family that you can ask for counsel when it comes to giving her the engagement ring she’ll be happy with. Find someone that you think knows her well enough to have extensive knowledge regarding her taste. You should be careful though, and make sure their own taste isn’t influencing their opinions of what she would think of her dream engagement ring.

    Casually Drop Hints

    A good relationship foundation is proper communication, but you need to be subtle. Perhaps talk about something your sister is going to to buy and ask what she thinks, or maybe you can mention a mate who’s trying to work out what to get his girlfriend.

    Be Attentive

    Pay attention to the little things your partner does. Maybe she’s been dropping hints about the engagement ring she wants all along! Notice how she reacts to the jewellery you pass in a store or when she comes across advertisements on a magazine. There are loads opportunities for you to notice what she likes, and it wouldn’t be at all surprising if she would love a diamond engagement ring, with diamond rings being generally hard to resist.

    The Diamond Guys are always ready to assist you in picking the perfect diamond ring for your girlfriend, and are always going to do their best to help you bring that sparkle of joy to her eyes when she sees her dream diamond engagement ring.

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