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    How to Measure your Partner’s Ring Size in Secret

    Posted On December 24, 2018

    Proposals are often meticulously planned in order to execute that fairytale “Will you marry me?” moment. There are many rings for guys looking to surprise their ladies, but considering her ring size should be prioritised just as any other element of your big day. If you’re one sly fox on a mission to find out her ring size, here are a few tricks on how you can get that piece of info.

    Tip #1: Borrow Her Other Rings.

    If your fiance already wears rings daily, then you’re in good luck. Simply borrow any ring of hers and distract her enough to let it slip off her mind for a few days. This will buy you enough time to get the ring measured and obtain that ring size!

    Tip #2: Ask a Friend.

    If you’re not willing to tackle the task head-on, try asking her friends. Don’t base it on the person’s weight and frame; instead, look for those who have similarly sized hands as your girlfriend. You can have them wear the ring if you bought one already and see if it fits. If not, ask them if you can have their ring finger measured at a jewellery store.

    Tip #3: Measure With a String.

    This will be particularly easy if your partner is a deep sleeper. But as long as you live under the same roof or catch some alone time from time to time, it will do. If you ever find your fiance sleeping, gently wrap her finger with a string. Make sure that the string isn’t so tight as for her fingers to change in colour! Do note that there’s a certain risk in doing this because you’ll have a hard time explaining when she wakes up.

    Whatever your strategy is, just remind yourself that the most important thing is your choice to be with her from now on and forever. Now isn’t that the loveliest thing? If you’re looking for the best diamond engagement rings in Melbourne, do visit The Diamond Guys. We have well-experienced staff that can teach and guide you with the discipline of diamonds in your quest for the perfect diamond ring. For enquiries, call us today!

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