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    Places to Propose in Melbourne

    Posted On June 1, 2023

    Finding the ideal location to propose is an important part of creating a memorable engagement experience. Melbourne, known for its vibrant culture and scenic beauty, offers a plethora of romantic spots to pop the question.

    In this blog, we will explore some enchanting places in Melbourne that provide the perfect backdrop for your proposal, where you can showcase your exquisite engagement ring and envision the future as you select your wedding bands.

    Royal Botanic Gardens:

    The Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne provide a picturesque setting with lush greenery, blooming flowers, and tranquil lakes. Stroll through the serene landscapes, find a secluded spot, and surprise your partner with a heartfelt proposal surrounded by nature’s beauty.

    Yarra River:

    Take a romantic cruise along the Yarra River and propose against the backdrop of Melbourne’s stunning skyline. The sparkling waters and breathtaking views create a magical atmosphere for a memorable engagement moment.

    Brighton Beach:

    Capture the essence of Melbourne’s coastal charm by proposing at Brighton Beach. With its iconic row of colourful bathing boxes and stunning sunsets, this beach offers a romantic and idyllic setting to pop the question.

    Melbourne City Rooftop:

    For a sophisticated and panoramic proposal, consider one of Melbourne’s rooftop venues. Enjoy the city lights and skyline as you get down on one knee and present your carefully chosen engagement ring.


    Melbourne is brimming with enchanting locations that are perfect for creating unforgettable engagement memories. Whether you choose the natural beauty of the Royal Botanic Gardens, the mesmerizing views along the Yarra River, the coastal allure of Brighton Beach, or the city’s rooftop vistas, the key is to find a place that resonates with your relationship.

    As you embark on this special journey, let the beauty of Melbourne complement the elegance of your engagement ring and the excitement of selecting your wedding bands. Celebrate your love in one of Melbourne’s romantic spots, and cherish the memories of this significant moment for a lifetime.


    1. What is a comfortable-fit wedding band?

    A comfort fit wedding band has a rounded interior, making it more comfortable to wear. These rings are designed to fit slightly looser on the finger, so it’s recommended to order them in a half size smaller than a standard size.

    However, comfort fit rings with a wider design of more than 8mm fit more snugly and should be ordered in a standard size.

    2. What is a traditional engagement ring setting?

    The concept of a traditional engagement ring setting varies across cultures and families. However, there is a general global idea of what a traditional engagement setting looks like, which changes over time. In the past, white gold and yellow gold settings were common, and now platinum, rose gold, and other materials have gained popularity.

    Classic shapes like round, pear, princess, cushion, and radiant are often associated with traditional engagement rings. Vintage and retro-style rings have also made a comeback and may become the “traditional” rings of the future.

    3. How do you design an engagement ring?

    Designing an engagement ring can be an exciting process. Start by exploring different design ideas to identify elements you love. If you’re having a custom ring made, you can incorporate your favourite elements and create a style that suits you perfectly. Work with a jeweller who specializes in custom designs to bring your vision to life.

    They will guide you through the process, offering expertise and suggestions to create a unique and meaningful engagement ring that reflects your personal style and love story.


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