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    Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Marquise Halo Diamond Ring

    Posted On November 14, 2021

    The Marquise Halo diamond ring is known for its unusual shape. The ring consists of curved diamonds with pointed ends. You will find an extended selection of vintage, classic and contemporary halo ring designs. They offer a distinctive appearance which makes them the perfect choice for people who are looking for an out of the box ring design.

    Ready to buy an engagement ring? This blog contains essential tips to help people buy the perfect looking halo diamond ring for a special occasion.

    Select the Right Cut

    When shopping for a marquise halo diamond ring, you need to make sure the diamond is set properly. It is usually secured with two prongs to hold the pointed ends. This specific design set prevents diamond chipping and keeps it in its place. The girdle needs to be very thin with a depth of at least 58% to 62%.

    Length to Width Ratio

    The ideal length to width ratio of a halo diamond ring ranges from 1.70-2.15. If the ratio falls in line with the ideal range, the ring will offer more durability than ring models with higher ratios. A slender diamond will have more stability. Whereas the rings with a higher length to width ratio will be more elongated and have less durability.

    Clarity Rating

    The clarity of a marquise halo diamond ring is yet another important factor to be considered. The clarity rating indicates how clear the diamond is. As marquise rings feature a brilliant cut, it hides the blemishes and flaws well. Even if the ring has a slightly low rating, it will still maintain a clean and clear appearance. While shopping for a larger diamond ring, you may need to examine the quality more thoroughly.

    Quality Inspection

    If you’re shopping for a marquise halo diamond ring online, you need to be more careful. Make sure you ask for detailed photos and videos of the ring. Inspect the stone and measure it. The Marquise needs to be evenly proportioned. Check if your ring has soft arcs and defined points. Follow these specific quality inspection techniques.

    Girdle Size

    Is the girdle of your ring thick? You can evaluate the size of the girdle by carefully examining the areas that join the top and bottom of the diamond. If the girdle is thick, it reduces the risk of damage. On the other hand, a thin girdle effectively increases the risk of diamond chipping.

    At The Diamond Guys, we help our customers find unique wedding bands and rings. You can design your own custom engagement ring and surprise your partner. The diamonds are handpicked by our experts to meet our highest quality standards.

    If you have a specific idea in mind, together we can make it happen. Let us assist you in making your dreams true.

    Give us a call on (03) 9526 8421 and share your custom design requirements.

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